The European Society of Digital and Integrative Pathology (ESDIP) initiative has been announced at the 13th European Congress on Digital Pathology, held in Berlin, Germany, May 25 – 28, 2016.

ESDIP Members

“This congress was the 13th Conference within the 24 years biannual series of European Conferences which started under the headline ‘Telepathology’ (European Conference on Telepathology) in Heidelberg, June 1992.”

Several well known and attractive European cities hosted this continuous series in the following years: Paris (1994, 2014), Aurich, 2000, Budapest 2006, Heraklion Crete 2002, Poznan 2004, Toledo, 2008, Udine 1998, Venice 2012, Vilnius 2010, Zagreb 1996.

The significance and technology of the reported and discussed issues changed from the basics in telepathology (1992) via problems of glass slide acquisition, line connections, digital cameras (1998 – 2004) and virtual slides (2000 – 2012) to interactive and fully automated image measurements (2008 – 2016), virtual international pathology institutes (VIPI) (2000 – 2016), open access publications with mandatory inclusion of virtual slides (2008 – 2016) ( as well as issues of predictive and risk associated diagnosis in terms of integrative pathology (2008 – 2016).

Most participants thought that the digital / virtual age will enter and modify if not even change the daily work of surgical pathologists and the time matured to found a European Society that can host involved pathologists, give them a home to discuss, create, and implement new and appropriate diagnostic methods as well as to become involved in potential ethics and social professional issues.

Thus, the ESDIP is embedded in a long lasting experience that covers all aspects of computer application in pathology, ranging from the early beginning of the telepathology to actual challenges of digital/computational and integrative pathology.