Why Become a Member?

Networking with other professionals

ESDIP Members

  • Finding the major competencies in Europe in Digital Integrative Pathology.
  • Searching / browsing according to the requested competency of the members to get a better insight in a given area.
  • Getting in contact with major industries leaders in Europe and worldwide.
  • Generate research collaborations for your companies / labs.

Keep up to date with product developments

ESDIP Members

  • Know the state of the art in products related related to Digital Integrative Pathology.
  • Communicate about your results / products / services in the European professional network.
  • Find the pertinent partners to reinforce your supply chain and your business model.
  • Find the right collaborators to improve your service / product / strategy.

Update your knowledge of new R & D

ESDIP Members

  • Know the state of the art in the Digital Integrative Pathology research
    • Major publications of DIP area,
    • Major actors / labs in Europe in this area
    • Essential Reports, statements,
    • EU (and worldwide) statistics in DIP,
    • EU (and worldwide) database in DIP

Information and Exclusive Access to
Workshops around Europe

ESDIP Members

  • Have a list of the major Workshops, Symposiums, Challenges in the area of Digital Integrative Pathology in Europe and Worldwide.
  • Privileged access conditions to selected workshops in ESDIP areas for speakers, keynotes, members of ESDIP.

Discount to the ECDP
(European Congress on Digital Pathology)

ESDIP Members

  • Negotiated discounts to our annual conference, with direct access to essential information and related events.
  • Exclusive opportunities to join our initiatives, our projects, our challenges and our special sessions (at ECDP and in the related or satellite events).

To become part of the Digital Pathology Revolution

ESDIP Members

  • ESDIP is supposed to become a strong opinion leader in Europe and worldwide, in the area of Digital Integrative Pathology.
  • Being a part of this initiative is a great opportunity for all of us.
  • You becoming member of this opinion leading group will be reinforcing us.